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Sabine Puzio
Rottfeldstrasse 13
D - 57539 Selbach/Sieg
Phone: +49 2742 5574

Hello, here is DL6PU, my name is Sabine Puzio.

I was born in the 50s, as third child of a family of six persons, in Opladen at Leverkusen near the Rhine.

Even as a child I always found it fascinating to spend hours to turn on the radio and listen to the voices on the radio. Very often I enjoyed looking over my older brother’s shoulder when he repaired radios and televisions. Often I heard from my mother: "That's not for girls", so I turned more to develop my other skills, for example, the painting. As the daughter of a degreed graphic artist, illustrator and painter I was very encouraged and very well trained.

Many years later, long since married and just had my second child, I learned through an acquaintance about CB radio. Immediately my old passion was aroused again and I bought a radio. In this way, then I could see how beautiful it is with this hobby. I had many interesting conversations on the CB-radio, was always up to date with what was happening and was able to discover much new in the high frequencies which I now had the privilege of using..

Then I began to study for my amateur radio license. This I received in 1994 with Class 1. Therefore, it was possible to have many interesting conversations with different stations around the world. It is a fascinating hobby and I do not want to miss any of it.

I want to thank my teacher and trainer DL6PM. I could not have gotten my radio amateur license without his help.

I live in Selbach. This is a very small village in the north of Rhineland / Palatinate near the town Wissen. I am married and mother of two sons and a daughter. I am now even grandma of three sweet grandchildren. And I have one dog.

My husband is also a licensed amateur radio operator with the call sign DO6KPU.